Our Weekend Restaurant Recommendations - Ostrich Inn, Newland.


We had a great weekend this weekend. Matt and I took a little road trip to the Ostrich Inn, in Newland. (http://theostrichinn.com/

Well what a treat! We were greeted with a warm open log fire and welcome from the staff. It was packed! We both fancied a cheeky little tipple, J20 as I was driving and some form of beer for Matt (I am sure he will edit this post to correct me!)

As I feeling a little bit peckish, I ordered a smoked salmon, salmon pate bagel,. What a treat! The scrumptiously delicious dill dressing that was  drizzled over the salmon was the icing on the cake. But, the best bit was that it was all for a grand total of around £6.50 ish? Fantastic. 

We would highly recommend the food at the Ostrich Inn, Newland. 


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