About Us

The Tale Of Fallow & Fenn

Out walking in the woods one day, Em turned to Matt and said, "what's the time?"
Matt, being a connoisseur of fine humor and great wit replied, "time to get a watch." 
Oh, how we laughed. 
We may have been in the middle of the woods, but in the forests of Em's mind, a seed was planted. 
And thus Fallow And Fenn began to sprout.


Fallow And Fenn was born of a passion for watches and a love of the country life.  

Based in the heart of the South Wales countryside, our mission is to bring you stylish, sustainably sourced watches at an accessible price.

With a collection of timeless classics and contemporary styling, we're sure to have something that will bring you closer to nature. 

Here at Fallow & Fenn, we whole-heartedly support diversity of all kinds.


 Fun Fact: The wood in our watches are ethically sourced and a by-product of the furniture trade!


Who We Are

This is Em. She's the boss. Em likes watches. She also likes wood. It was this combination that brought Fallow And Fenn to life. Her countryside living is what inspires the quintessential, quirky Britishness of Fallow And Fenn.  

The Igor to Em's Victor Frankenstein, Matt is the resident designer at Fallow And Fenn, and translates the vision of the brand into reality. He's also devilishly handsome, and absolutely did not write this page himself.


Like peanut butter and jelly, our combined strengths are what make Fallow And Fenn a delicious wooden sandwich.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, then please do let us know by emailing, or pigeon carrier, support@fallowandfenn.com