Frequently Asked Questions

Watch Care

How long will my Fallow And Fenn watch last?

Just because it's made of wood, there's no reason your watch can't be worn for many years. 

However, sudden changes of temperature or humidity may damage your watch. The difference of temperature could leave the wood to shrink which will put pressure against the glass and pins and that could cause breakages.

No going from sauna to snow with your watch on, please and thank you! 

The bottom line is, take good care of your watch, and it will grow old with you - Like a friendly old dog, curled at your feet. Except on your wrist. And not as fluffy.


How do I take care of my Fallow And Fenn watch?

Unlike a dog, your watch doesn't need to be fed and watered every day.

From time to time, we suggest using lemon oil to keep the wood properly conditioned and prevent cracking. Maybe one day, we'll bring out our very own oil, but until then, you can purchase this online or in any well stocked hardware. 

So, to ensure the longevity of your Fallow & Fenn watch, take a soft cloth and half a teaspoon of the Lemon Oil. Carefully buff the cloth over the wood. This will help to keep your watch clean and conditioned. Avoid getting any on the leather. 

Over time, natural skin oils may change the colour of the leather and wood of your watch. This is perfectly normal for natural materials, and is a sure fire way to make your watch one of a kind. Like a fine wine, they get better with age. 

For all watches watches, we recommend they avoid contact with any oil, water, moisture or perfumes as this will leave the strap darkened.


Are Fallow And Fenn watches waterproof?

In short, no. A little splash won't be the end of the world, but we do not recommend the submersion of the watch - as this will damage the wood and inner mechanisms.

If watch decides to go swimming without you,  we recommend that you leave it to dry naturally for 1-2 days. 

We suggest that you remove the Fallow & Fenn watch before the gym, swimming pool and kitchen activities. 


Refunds And Exchange

If you decide that you don’t like new watch you can return it, within 30 days for a refund. We won't cry too much.

It must be in an unworn condition and in original packaging.

After 30 days then we will happily exchange your watch. If the alternative choice is of a higher value that the original purchase then the customer will have to pay the difference price. Again, it must be in an unworn condition and in original packaging.


Manufacturer Warranty

For more details on our warranty, see this here link

All Fallow And Fenn watches have a one year warranty manufacturer warranty. Yay! 

If your Fallow and Fenn watch is faulty, please an email to and we will guide you through the process of exchanging and sending the faulty watch back to our HQ. 

Please note, the warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear, or inappropriate use. So if for some reason, you decide to throw your watch off a building, put it in the oven or use it as a bowling ball, we can't help you. If your dog eats it, your cat has a wee on it or child is sick on it, we can't help you either.